Saturday, November 7, 2009


If you knew me you'd know that I would...

I would pour my heart and soul to give the best and all of me

No reserves; all, because that is me...

Who I am called to be; not defined by any worldly standard or dictate...

Not limited by or suppressed by any status or acclaimed hierarchy of what determines my success.

If you knew me, you would see a friend that will stretch every limb to reach you at your point of need.

You see, God created me in the image of Him; my heart is His...

My character, He has molded to suit the likeness of Him, for I am, His...

It's the God in me that longs to shine forth to reveal the revelation of me...

All praises to Him who has kept me strong in my weakness, in my sorrow, in my anger, in my pain...

In Him I trust to be the source of my strength... for He knows, He sees and lives through my being...

my very existence... every breath I take, every waking moment, He has predestined.

The trials I live, the tests I take and sometimes fail, He has set...
He has allowed, for me to go through the fire to be refined...
because of Him, my soul lives and is refreshed and nourished by His words, not man's...

The world is an evil place that I am in, only for a season... for worlds fade.

I render my heart and soul to the one who has fashioned me to serve Him,

that I might fulfill His purpose in me before leaving earth...

If you knew me, you'd know the reason why I live;

to do the will of Him who sent me.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Inner Thoughts

I stand there a thousand things pass through my mind

As the sun's rays scorch my skin, the heat rages as I look ahead

Like a mantra, Hope and pray drums in my head...

Hope and pray

Hope and pray

Hope and pray

Hope and pray that soon, one day...

One day will see the actuality of my dreams

One day I would muster up the courage, I would have the bravery
to stand free, unashamed

One day I will look to you and you and you and smile cause I would have achieved something on that day...

No accomplishment of some grandiose feat, no

In the little things, I'd jump one hurdle, one at a time

I would have built with one brick then another,

Humbled by each test, each step I make.

With life in me, each layer of self would be discarded

As the you in me begins to reflect, as I am perfected

I stand in the gap; rid of all impurities

My reflection begins to show, my true identity radiates...

Staring at me, I see you and smile...

So I hope and pray

I hope and pray that I'll see the glory of your light shining through me

Nothing's in vain, I am thankful for what is granted to me now.

For I know all things work together for good...

I wait.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A sad reality!

How do I deal with this...

It seems like we are living among animals...

Human beasts whose souls have been ravished by demons

whose trademark trails blood and sorrow.

How can I escape the blatant brutality and cruelty that is poured out on my race.

How can I erase the vivid picture; the image that's tormenting my mind, my spirit...

It seems like one man's sensation and seven day wonder is another's, lifetime nightmare...

Signs are all around us; the end is surely near.

When I see all the killing and backbiting, the hatred and the greed...

No thought for life; life's taken for granted.

How can I continue to absorb what we call news, newsworthy reports that
only pull us down and segregate us as a people.

When only violence, warfare and death, plaster the front pages daily, like a never ending story.

It's a bad dream...

We've become numb to this reality; we expect it and accept it like a natural part of our lives!

These re-occurring events that threaten to break our spirit, that aim to put fear in our hearts...

These events that determine to destroy us - When will they stop?

When will the horror movie finish...?

Sometimes I am in a daze; I try to block the voices out.

Try to avoid the media from infiltrating my mind, yet it's all around us.

When will we make that stand, so that righteousness can flood this land?

When will we truly pray and believe?

When will we as a people change? Change our focus, our lifestyles and recognise that we are our brother's keeper and each other's neighbour?

When will it affect us... when will we wake up, become conscious and radical to implement drastic measures in our land...

You see what fuels evil, is what we feed on... mental decomposition is what we are guilty of.

What do we feed our minds on? What do we listen to and subject our young ones to?

What do we foster in our homes, what do we teach our own.

The tube is becoming our voice, our teacher, our leader...

Instructions are given, directives are craftily engraved in everything we subject our minds to, like subliminal messages.

We are wooed by the beat and the tune, by the glitz and glam of fashion, swayed by the trends that are dictated to us to follow; then we ask ourselves, as if struck by lightening -

Where have we gone wrong?

We are puppets on a string and I wonder who's fooling who?

A day will come when we won't recognise ourselves, because we've lost our identity!

Would that day be too late for change?

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Saturate me

Your presence fills this place like the morning dew

Sweeping over my soul like a blanket covers me

You saturate me, saturate my spirit with the warmth of your touch

Like rain showers refreshingly; my heart rejoices and bursts in delight -

at the wonder of your awesomeness.

Love like this can only come from you

For your grace has kept me

Made me smile with the rising of the sun

for you are... You're my new day

My assurance is in you

My rest is in you, for your peace dwells in me.

It is well with me, It is well with me.

My soul is well and my spirit praises thee!

You fill my cup, my joy overfloweth!

Long life you promised,

Fulfillment of my every desire...

I've sought after thee,

lover of my mind,

lover of my body,

lover of my soul...

You reign supreme, forevermore.

Saturate me day by day,

uplift me with songs of praise

Sweet symphony I sing to worship you

My dance, I dance for you...

Lover of every inch of my being,

You deserve the praise I give to thee,

as I stand in your presence; as you wash me with your words,

comforting me.

Lord, Saturate me...

I desire You!

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore

© 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let it flow.

Words need not speak when tears flow

Pouring out volumes of unspoken emotions

Lips dare not part to whisper the mystery of the soul's secret

Rivers drown silent screams, as streams move in a seamless fashion...

left uncontrollable... Overwhelmed and heavy laden.

Mental fatigue greets me; this uninvited visitor that threatens to break me.

Break this spirit in me that has waged war against all adversaries...

this spirit that quickens my being and alights fire, blazing...

like energy coursing through my veins, it has strengthened me; like an adrenaline rush...

Yet this heart is burdened, this mind is bombarded with unanswered questions of why.

Why I can't conceive it... My mind refuses to believe it...

Mental pictures flash in succession like a stuck record on playback

If the clock could rewind to erase this vivid memory...

If the clock could rewind to alter fate

If so, would I be left in this state of bewilderment?

Would I be left hopeless and appalled?

Peace cloaks my pent up rage, that it may quell like a wave lost in the sea...

Tears run dry until the well is empty...

Left alone...

Only me.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saving me...

The unspoken strength of your grace...

The unseen love that glows on your face...

You have been near.

Through the chisel and mortar,

you've molded me into the individual you desire to see.

You've shaped my character, tested my faith through

the trials I live and go through day by day...

But you've kept me through the tears I've shed

through the raging storms in my head...

You've given me hope for a new day...

Life to live and to conquer

A word to share and hear.

You've been there through thick and thin.

I'm learning every step of the way the power of praise

The power in giving thanks

The power of forgiveness

I am thankful for renewed strength

for healing, for time

More and more I yearn for you

Your love embraces me when I need a hug and to feel your warmth.

Your touch permeates through my skin to my very soul,

stirring me with your passion.

You desire obedience

You desire commitment

You desire worship

You desire relationship

Through this you extend your grace, your mercy
Showing favour; you've blessed me.

You are to me more than words could ever say.

I know I am blessed and I thank you for saving me

It's like a love affair, knowing that you're there

every step of the way.

There is none like you,

no one else can compare

for you are Love.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2009

If You are..

Many hearts are looking for love to embrace them

For a warm smile to greet them; tenderness and kind eyes to notice them

Some live to forget, others remember the good times, the sweet and memorable times when love was good...

Sometimes I question how hard can it be to truly love someone... To love them to their soul - to their core...

To take the time out, a second or moment... to touch a heart... to kiss a tear goodbye, to hug a soul - For you care... L-O-V-E - Love, what does it mean to you... What is it worth to you?

If you are a friend, a lover, a brother, a sister - love openly, genuinely... Love's not limited to one; it's a gift for all...

I spread my arms wide, stretch my hands out to you...

Cause I know what you need...

I know you need some tender loving care... Some TLC

I have that compassion to show you real passion...

Every heart desires and craves love... Everyone longs to have a friend that will be there

Every ear longs for a whisper of comfort, of truth... a bit of consideration

A friendly smile, innocent... to melt the hurt, pain, anger or discomfort...

No extravagance... a few words, a simple note, a call... A loving voice to say, "I thought of you today" or "have a good day" or those beautifully coined words, filled with meaning, "I Love you"

I love you...

If you are there, if you are still here... right here, at this time, now, today

Make a sound resolution to love, care, touch, breathe... cause we need to contaminate the air with love...

Make it contagious, no infatuations here... rid the fear, bring the warmth of positive energy near...

Love has no boundaries my friend

Everyone deserves happiness and compassion

You deserve me, I deserve you

We need each other...

When I saw you, When I met you... I made a promise to myself to be true to you and always be there for you

When I spoke to you, my words were to console you, to mold you,to comfort you, to bless you...

When I smiled in your direction with kind eyes, I welcomed you, I accepted you, I approved, I
understood you and caressed you...

When our hands met, I loved you, I cared for you, I wanted you to know me...

Now that we see each other and now that we've crossed over into another year... I longed to tell you...

To say to you... It was my honour to meet you and to be at this place with you....

My friends, words must hold deep meaning... I'm happy that the pieces are coming together...

I am happy you are a part of my life...

My heart is whole, fashioned to perfection and full of love for you...

Love you all...

Spread the love now, always... This year... Today

You've pulled me through...

You've given me strength to continue

To live another day... to breathe and to make another step in faith... Thank you...


Written by: Rachael N. Collymore


© 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009


I had to think about this

Think about me

About the life I live...

The people around me,

The people that make a mark - an impression

The people who may have an influence,

Those who may have impacted in some form or fashion...

- There are people that will always be outside...

Never touch the surface, never touch within...

Within the centre of me.

Never discover,

Never uncover the true mystery...

A mystery that keeps me.

The glow you see, the smile protruded

The radiance, the victory in my eyes...

The strength in my weakness...

You'll feel the warmth of my compassion

The brunt of my love

The fire in my gaze; my joy unfazed

You'll come to know the power of my praise...

This smile on my face

You will see - All of me

but would you know me?

Would you care to see?

What lurks underneath the surface...

Where transitions take place and choices are made -

fears unspoken, as a brave stance takes form to brace

an unknown world, with all its insecurites, obscurities,

lies, deception, entrapment and struggles...

- the brutality and injustices some face each day -

My transition will effect the change I wish to see;

A new day of possibility, improvement and hope.

They say, 'Faith can move mountains,' I believe this is so...

What will be will be, if not for me

but for someone else to rise above

To grow in purpose and expand -

Lending a hand for opportunity to foster

Showing a smile for us to prosper

One vision - not a vision about one -

A vision to embrace a collective body.

A body that understands and shares a belief!

Shackles weren't broken in futility

Freedom was not granted without a price

Knowledge was not afforded to few but

to those who wish to seek it...

Love unmerited, untarnished, unfettered

and in abundance...

This is so because value is placed on the little things

the infinite details that would make a difference in our outcome.

I believe in making those steps

Not because of any grand idea;

to have humility is more profitable to me than to the one without it.

The wealth of it is a resourceful commodity

Although it is discarded for the tangible things that money can buy...

Yet I cannot deny the immeasurable value it is to the one who attains it.

Thereby guided by a greater desire than to satisfy self and the lust derived from it.

So that life is preserved and rewarded...

It takes courage to be different and forbearance to stand alone.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore

© 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is the world!

I felt lost today...

As pain gripped my body

As tears threatened to flow

Reality hit me for the first time. What a blow!

The first time it came face to face with me.

I collected my thoughts, as I vowed not to cry...

Not to let a tear drop as glassy eyes blurred my vision for a brief moment.

This is the world.

Was it a rude awakening? Brace yourself...

I was prepared for this... Wasn't I?

You're stronger than this, right?

Your back is broad.

You can take this.

This is small compared to what you're yet to go through.

Don't let this overcome you...

My mind goes back to the news of a cruel death...

The innocence of a child...

Protect the young...

Suffer the little ones unto me.

This is the world.

You're blessed; do you know this?

I have shielded you from many hardship that the world offers.

The world is not a nice place, although the life of royalty,
dazzles and sways one into the comforts of its deadly grasp!

Naive I can be to the wiles of the world...

Tools used for destruction...

How can I curb the hate when this is the world I live in?

I cannot love it;

I cannot save it,

for this is the world!

So why then does my heart ache at its plight?

Why do I wish to avenge; it's not my fight...

I am angry yet still...

Passionate for a cause...

It does not save this world...

I discern the times... Watch!!!

It is coming to pass...

This is the world!

Shed not your tears for yourself...

I shed for you

I pray for you

I hope for you - That life would be kind...

For one can't deny - The fact that is a realisation now...

That this too shall pass!

You must remember and be of keen sight
that this is the world...

Do not despair

Do not fear

For this reason I am sobered in my thinking.

As I get a hold of myself

Not a tear shall fall in self-pity

My shield beside me.

I will not despair

Steadfast to the end,

I repeat:

This is the world!

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore


Sunday, June 14, 2009


You say I love you

You say I want you

You say I need you

Hands and fingers intermingle, lips lock, bodies tingle...

Souls respond, hearts grow fond at the thought of love's bond.

Laughter, comfort and consolation add to the brew for love's recipe

Heartbreaks, sorrows and hurts contribute to its decay - a mate's misery...

Shared commonalities, personalities, desires, hopes and dreams
Seem like the perfect match for two souls to become one.

An attractive smile, seductive lips and eyes, 

Curvaceous hips and thighs, make the heart flutter...

Stirs a bodily reaction to approach with interest and makes them stutter!

A gorgeous bod, lean biceps and a tight bum
is like honey; nectar that makes the bees come...

Tall and charming with a handsome portfolio

Is the key to unlocking a wanton damsel's prize possession

An alluring addiction; a longing obsession...

Humility, chastity, virtue and ambition are qualities one should not ignore

Key traits to adore and not abhor

To depict, is one's bid to find a true mate - 

one like- in -kind - we must not separate,

For love is in the enduring,

In the growing and in the living

It comprises the strengths harnessed by faith,

The power of compassion

The willingness to believe and 

The goodness of hope...

The finite qualities birthed in the spirit realm

not in the physical realm - out of sight,

But seen in plain light...

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2009

March 15,2009


Everyone is finding someone; matching up with one another

Maybe their better half, maybe their whole...

Someone to call their own; they unite and create love... love is borne

Yet I look, most times I don't - yet I don't see someone...

To say that I long for someone to compliment me... at times I just don't know!

What I thought to be free - this love in me was not so...

I spent it unreservedly and my returns I'm yet to see...

In times like these, when I feel reflective and somewhat contemplative

I wonder, would there be - someone - for me?

Some accuse unknowingly of what lies ahead and within.

To think myself as above and not beneath or too good or not good enough...

Well... all bottled up I guess things can appear to be a certain shade and colour in dim view.

Do I send the 'right' signals to one of liken traits or kind?

To this, I remain unsure, for I may need to question my wants, my desires, my aspirations, my dreams...

Or what I think He has ordained for me.

Is my patience wearing thin? Am I getting too old? Is time running out?

What time? Whose is it to dispense?

I might say or rather admit that I feel as if my clock is ticking - as they say...

I watch my life and I wonder what have I to account for?

What have I fulfilled? What have I yet to fulfill?

My mind drifts - is someone out there for me? Designed and shaped to fit me or for me to fit...

Am I living some fairytale or am I living?

Am I looking for love; do I have love?

The body has needs: comfort, warmth and contentment

Yet at times, I do miss the company of another's warm embrace...

I wish things could just be for the moment,

although one has to fit in the status quo; the mold offered by society

What is the given propriety?

I glance at the overview... I watch the shifting of things, of change

I detect changes in me and that may be the object or source of my

immense perplexity.

However, what seems imminent is the shrinking of time

The closure that would soon be but soon may not be aligned with the ticking of
this time...

I remain open to the obvious and the not-so obvious self

Until such a presence grace my soul or my soul touches thine...

In my mind, I may dream of someone standing by me...

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore

© 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Tonight I feel like saying those few words that one should not say

Tonight I feel braver than some on any give day.

Tonight what's the use of thinking if no thought comes to mind?

Is this some sign or is it a test to see how long it will last?

Wow... My oh my, I feel like smiling.

What's the use now of letting the secret out, what's the use at all?

Is it a mirage of reflection or a prediction of what is to come?

The complex reality one lives in; a prism of mirrors!

Why satisfy ego with the usual propaganda that influences a belief?

It all seems so ironic, yet so uncommon...

I advise, never react or even write when intoxicated - things become all so clear - no matter the concoction! :)

What a laugh!

The thing is, what is the motive of all this? 

Try to spin a top in mud - disaster? 

What are the right conditions? What is right at all?

Nothing seems to be what it appears to be or so it seems...

Yet at this moment, what is constant, is the very instance of the now!

The past has passed and the present fades by the second...

What will be eventual has already happened and what is inevitable is evitable.

No predictions or what ifs... 

At this point I am and what is certain is that tomorrow will come 

but until, the mind processes are continual and

my words seem futile and endless!

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore

© 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Has the night's therapy held you captive?

Has the sun's rise, the sun's smile not warn you of the day...

The day has come and so it has begun...
The recall of last night's memory and lingering dreams

The taste of love's wine has burst into consciousness...
The remembrance of what was... 
Although gone, I can't ignore what was...

Never had I imagine all this would be, could be
You brought the daylight into my fantasy world...
You captured a part of me that my heart refused to show

Like an open diary you've read my innermost secrets...
I've allowed you to read my pages...
I've allowed you to get underneath my skin...

Yet what does love want from me...
The day breaks the dawn...
The dawn has ceased the day 

And here we are in a lover's play...
Feelings I can't hide although you must search...
Search to discover me, to uncover the truth of who you see in me...

My window is misty in the fog...
Though my soul glows in the dark and shine forth.
I don't want to be caught in the dark

I don't wish to be consumed by the dark
I draw the blinds so the light may come in...
Starkly, I let it flood in... Into me, into you

Daylight has come and now it's begun...
To rewind, to recall what was...
Clarity of our realities may not come

But soon to be discovered is the dream of tonight
So at daylight, I only need to click replay...

Can we switch?

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
January 11, 2009

© 2009


Sometimes we meet obstacles in our way and stumble
Cause we fail to look beyond or even find solutions to
turn those stumbling blocks into opportunities

Yes we are faced with obstacles daily and new challenges arise
and confront us...
Trials occur and we are tested, physically, mentally and spiritually.

On a personal level, it is easier to speak of faith, of overcoming when there is calmness
However, when the storm brews - the winds of the storm blow hither and yon and when the heat rages and the fire crackles, the true test of faith dawns.

So many happenings in the world; there's production and destruction.
Crime is rampant and as a result of it, people are fearful.
Would fear take over and replace our faith?

What is this faith we have in us to know that if we go through one door we'll get to the other side of that door?
Is it 'something' that gives us confidence to know the result of a given action?
Does it go beyond natural thinking or reasoning to presuppose an action, reaction or result?

We live in perilous times where faith is questioned; where's the source?
We attach ourselves to random beliefs to try to understand the things we don't or wish not to fathom or to discern meaning to things that occur in our daily lives. We want fulfillment, we want purpose to have a holistic life.

Everyone believes in something and as time passes and the days shorten - like the reclaiming of land by the sea - so too does one gravitate to philosophies and schools of thought that may explain the madness or behavioural patterns of the human mind or paranormal activities or events.

Does life have a time span; the very existence of the world, does it stop at some point? Does time reclaim itself and withdraw or retract to what was? If so what is to be the fate of mankind or the world? Would there be vastness or would there be abandonment?

Is it a continual flow or movement of energy that is never exhausted?

We say, 'Time is precious'... what does that mean? We could never reclaim it, it could never be reversed, yet we believe we can control it...'One life to live', 'Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die...', 'Live your life' but 'Live once, die twice'? Can we control our fates, our destinies, our lives? What's next?

Time is precious, death is eventual... 'Life is fickle...' How can we attach certainty to life?

What exactly is this life that we live, if at the end of it all... we wither away without leaving lasting impressions?

What about a life gone too soon, as this is the time we live in... You've raped my land, took away my precious daughters and sons... The excuses that you give are just that, meaningless words that could never explain, give back a life lost or replace the memories, or reasons of why!

These are the times, when new life is brought forth, where parents are cautious and sometimes fearful to release their offspring to society... Who will watch over them, who will protect them from the harsh reality that is... the corruption that befalls a nation, the hatred that contaminates the air - no one has patience anymore... No one speaks, apologizes, discusses, make up... Can we kiss and make up? Hug one another and forgive, forget and let go of the past?

Could we? Free the minds of brothers and sisters from mental slavery...?

Is it really a hustle? The pace at which we move through time... the days turn into night and yet another day is upon us... I recently heard that money is the greatest religion!

Yet religious beliefs dictate that money is the root of all evil... Is there a conflict somewhere?

These are the times... some die for it... some do anything for it... Would you sell your brother for a mere bowl of porridge? Think on this...

Are we in fact thinking... Are we seeing what isn't so evident... Are you listening with keen ears? The music that flood the airwaves, the lyrics that our young ones pump in their brains without understanding... They know the words by heart, yet ask them to read or spell and you realize we have a crisis!!!

Tell me are we sleeping? Is it affecting us?

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore

© 2009