Friday, September 25, 2009

Saturate me

Your presence fills this place like the morning dew

Sweeping over my soul like a blanket covers me

You saturate me, saturate my spirit with the warmth of your touch

Like rain showers refreshingly; my heart rejoices and bursts in delight -

at the wonder of your awesomeness.

Love like this can only come from you

For your grace has kept me

Made me smile with the rising of the sun

for you are... You're my new day

My assurance is in you

My rest is in you, for your peace dwells in me.

It is well with me, It is well with me.

My soul is well and my spirit praises thee!

You fill my cup, my joy overfloweth!

Long life you promised,

Fulfillment of my every desire...

I've sought after thee,

lover of my mind,

lover of my body,

lover of my soul...

You reign supreme, forevermore.

Saturate me day by day,

uplift me with songs of praise

Sweet symphony I sing to worship you

My dance, I dance for you...

Lover of every inch of my being,

You deserve the praise I give to thee,

as I stand in your presence; as you wash me with your words,

comforting me.

Lord, Saturate me...

I desire You!

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore

© 2009