Sunday, December 7, 2014



It's Monday morning and I'm here...
It's never easy moving on
Everything you see reminds you of that person
Little things hold new meaning; 
sentimental value we never knew would be so much...
Now that you're gone...

You're no longer here in my present

A world filled with so much promise 
Spins by unnoticed...
The tides are turning
And this wave has caught me off-guard 

You're no longer here in my present

The tears don't fall
This outward shell is frozen
Like this plastered smile...

It's turmoil inside
And the storm is churning
Screaming your name.

Mourning is a hell of a thing
A million pieces...
That's how much my heart has been broken
I heard it shatter when you left me

And grey skies shed my pain,
everytime it rained...

It drowns my soul
And I hope to stay afloat.
Where did you go?

These four walls echo your name  
If only you'd answer...

Return to me;
Hear my silent plea
Inwardly, I'm fighting 
to stay strong...

For you, I'm breathing 
Until love returns,
to fill this void inside.

I'll breathe.

Weather forecast: Prepare for rain.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
©2014 Registered & Protected