Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The drag...

She pulls a drag, long and hard

Taking in the nicotine; its burn, its temporary fix for the second, for the minute, for the hour.

She takes in, this temporary high
This relaxation... Owed to no one but her and the exhaled smoke from the discarded butt that has fulfilled its duty, assiduously...

Pouted lips press together tightly around another, quickly relieves the itch, the longing that she so missed in that solitary moment.

In her own world she rules this tattered and bruised moulding of flesh, drifting between memories and realities - each wrinkled line, each crease, tells a forbidden tale...

Driven to her crutch, pursed between two fingers, she blows... Fixating on nothingness, masking her emptiness or loneliness... Pale eyes stare, blankly.

She rules her world...
Cocking back her head to take a shot,
She swallows, wallowing in the drug, distorting her face from the sting on her tongue, the bitterness in her throat... Can't wash away the soul. 

Time's on fast forward, life's a drag - can't go too quickly or too slowly- so pills, drinks and cigarettes are preferred meals- the right food for this tired, limber frame that was once...

Once someone's friend, someone's lover, someone's somebody...

The world has forgotten her...

But she rules hers...

Caught up in her madness, she parades the street...

Day comes, night goes...

Need a fix... Quick
Agitated, trembling hands, twitching and pacing... a hopeless addict

The dealer deals and plots his trade...
She inhales deeply - the white powder puts a smile on her face...

He he, she's in glee...
She jigs, jerking to the beat she alone hears...

She fears nothing, she cares for nothing...

This is her world and she rules...

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2011

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"Acrostic ABCs"


A s I turned to the sunset I saw your
B ack dipping below the horizon and barely
C ounted the swiftness of your
D eparture a millisecond as my
E yes washed my cheeks with salt water
F lowing while the pain kept on
G rowing as the sunset that evening…the
H orizon became my dreaded enemy
I nfuriating an already exasperated 
G uy who lost his love for no reason.
J ust like that she went away but forgot to
K iss me goodbye…that was the 
L ast time I saw the sunset as 
M y sorrow of losing you was 
N ow absorbed with my distracted
O bsession with the horizon since I 
P rojected my pain unto it but in a 
Q ueer way thoughts of you still lingered
R esting on the frontal lobes of my mind
T ransforming all forms of hate into 
U nadulterated love for you so although you 
V anished I still saw you and became brain
W ashed by mere remnants of you…I 
‘X –press my love for no else since I will love
Y ou alone… Regardless of what I am now a
Z ealot enthusiastically dedicated to loving you.

Copyright Abioye Munashe 2011

A nswers I seek this day you left me
B ehind and went your way, never to return
C ause you didn't see me, as I saw you
D ivine soul of light that reflected on my heart
E ffervescent, alive and a part of me - you
F ulfilled in me and I in you..
H ow I longed for this feeling to go for
I was never yours and you were never mine
J aded am I because I trusted you
K ept you in my thoughts with the dawn of 
L ight - caressing your face
M y heart is now filled with sorrow
N ow that you're gone
O nly your scent remains and I'm a 
P risoner to your faint presence -
Q uailing beneath your shadow;
R emnants of an absent you...
S orrow has become my new friend -
T omorrow can wait a little longer
U ntil I fade; until there's no more you, your
V ows broken in the dew of the morning
W hile I pray for sunlight to
'X onerate me from the pain
Y ou gave as your inheritance, for
Z ion waits to deliver me...

© 2011 - Rachael N. Collymore

A ll the time I answered you
B ut you ignored me and 
C ontinuously complained to your girl friends 
D estroying my manhood leaving me
E masculated but I still begged for your
F orgiveness to no avail I became frustrated asking
G od to give the strength to love you 
H ow he loves me…unconditionally…
I talked…you nagged but still your 
K inship through marriage was all I 
L onged for and wanted you to be 
M ines and for your ears to connect to my
N etwork so you will be connected
O nly to me Like TSTT hearing clearly and forgetting what distorted 
P eople say or people think since you are my 
Q ueen…oh I wish you would be…
R emember the day we met…
S tare only at the positives and listen to
T he sweet tunes of our friendship so you will
U ncover deeply in your heart that you
V ehemently love me…obey your 
W ishes to come back to me…
‘X’ we shall no longer be but 
Y ou will be mines and I yours for a
Zillion years.

Copyright Abioye Munashe 2011

A bounding in love was the motto
B elieving in truth was the key to
C omplete us; two souls
D estined to be one for all
E ternity was the plan
F orever abiding in His
G race did He give you to me
H eaven could have waited to 
I ntrude in our lives...
K eeper of the gates,
L overs and friends we were
M eant for each other, for 
N o one could have separated this love
O wing that we were faithful to this cause 
P urposed in the mission to Love for Love, this
Q uest has just begun, but you must
R emember...
S trife and
T ribulations may come and go but
U nless you remain focused, you won't be
V ictorious.. our love is more than a
W ish, it's a walk through faith
'X ceeding the unexpected...
Y ield not for we are strong, don't faint - be
Z ealous and bold for love everlasting.

© 2011 - Rachael N. Collymore

A las you see the light
B e bold my love and 
C ome follow your heart
D estined to be mines
E nough is enough 
F orever and ever we are
G oing to be like
H elping hands for each other
I nvisible to critiques of 
J ealous souls envious of our love...
K ing and Queen we shall be
L iving in sovereignty 
N o longer daunted by
O bservers but focused on our
P urpose 
Q uestioning our souls no more
R esting in the comfort of each others arms
T rusing in God and so our
U dying love would be
V iable of outlasting this
W orld 
‘X ceeding the unexpected as
Y ou rightly said
Z ion will embrace our love.

Copyright Abioye Munashe 2011

A s time goes by we will
B ecome a perfect soul
C ocooned by a love that
D efies limited
E mbossed in intimacy
F uelled by a desire to please non-other we 
G ravitate to our eternal flame
H idden from scrutiny, we
I ndulge in the 
J oys of Holy matrimony; sealed with a
K iss, we bond ourselves to 
L ove
M erged together
N estled by 
O ur longing.
P assion fuelled by passion, we
Q uench our thirst
R ighteously defined and blessed
S anctioned by Him for lovers, we
T ake full advantage of this love
U nified, sanctified
V alidated by Love
W e copulate our vow to each other
'X alted and in reverence.. we are
Y oked; tied and wrapped up - our
Z eal undenied and satisfied.

© 2011 - Rachael N. Collymore

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Riddle me this

Riddle me that

Who are you to claim my heart?

Clasp your hand around it 

Hold it tightly; squeeze it mercilessly 

Then tear it apart?

Riddle this:

When the heart loses its beat and 
the blood drains thin -


and its red colour fades;
does the heart remain?

or have veins gone cold and
the heart - hard as stone?

Punishment, this is punishment...
Something went wrong a long time ago
there's no prognosis; no diagnosis

Shock the system...
Inject this heart and let the fluid run -
its value, of no consequence...

So riddle me this line 
Why mess with my mind?


My mind that has seen visions of you
Dreamed dreams, dreamt dreams, still dreams

You are my afflatus, maybe a muse, maybe a spark of illumination

Maybe you're just.... and the word hasn't formed yet.

So riddle me this:

Does love evade the heart's beat?
or have eyes finally lied and betrayed the soul?
Do smiles reek with envy or do latent lips still arouse the nescient?

Though, quip words laced with honey
jeer relentlessly, while tongues flick intrusively 
daring to penetrate and quell the turmoil within
... mum 

You fiddle and twiddle and play these riddles 
to coerce, repress and puzzle the mind's thoughts, 
the heart's emotions and the mouth's verbal expression - 

Expressions of incessant love

Dream dreams -- dreamt dreams -- still dreams
but the joker dances... 

A dance to lure
A dance to intrigue
A dance to indulge
A dance to titillate...

Yet dreams escape in the midst of perplexity...
A mind's salvation from the reality of sin's indulgance...

but the joker will dance and prance on the heart...
Still dream dreams...

Still believes...

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2011

MyFreeCopyright.com Registered & Protected