Saturday, October 24, 2009

Inner Thoughts

I stand there a thousand things pass through my mind

As the sun's rays scorch my skin, the heat rages as I look ahead

Like a mantra, Hope and pray drums in my head...

Hope and pray

Hope and pray

Hope and pray

Hope and pray that soon, one day...

One day will see the actuality of my dreams

One day I would muster up the courage, I would have the bravery
to stand free, unashamed

One day I will look to you and you and you and smile cause I would have achieved something on that day...

No accomplishment of some grandiose feat, no

In the little things, I'd jump one hurdle, one at a time

I would have built with one brick then another,

Humbled by each test, each step I make.

With life in me, each layer of self would be discarded

As the you in me begins to reflect, as I am perfected

I stand in the gap; rid of all impurities

My reflection begins to show, my true identity radiates...

Staring at me, I see you and smile...

So I hope and pray

I hope and pray that I'll see the glory of your light shining through me

Nothing's in vain, I am thankful for what is granted to me now.

For I know all things work together for good...

I wait.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A sad reality!

How do I deal with this...

It seems like we are living among animals...

Human beasts whose souls have been ravished by demons

whose trademark trails blood and sorrow.

How can I escape the blatant brutality and cruelty that is poured out on my race.

How can I erase the vivid picture; the image that's tormenting my mind, my spirit...

It seems like one man's sensation and seven day wonder is another's, lifetime nightmare...

Signs are all around us; the end is surely near.

When I see all the killing and backbiting, the hatred and the greed...

No thought for life; life's taken for granted.

How can I continue to absorb what we call news, newsworthy reports that
only pull us down and segregate us as a people.

When only violence, warfare and death, plaster the front pages daily, like a never ending story.

It's a bad dream...

We've become numb to this reality; we expect it and accept it like a natural part of our lives!

These re-occurring events that threaten to break our spirit, that aim to put fear in our hearts...

These events that determine to destroy us - When will they stop?

When will the horror movie finish...?

Sometimes I am in a daze; I try to block the voices out.

Try to avoid the media from infiltrating my mind, yet it's all around us.

When will we make that stand, so that righteousness can flood this land?

When will we truly pray and believe?

When will we as a people change? Change our focus, our lifestyles and recognise that we are our brother's keeper and each other's neighbour?

When will it affect us... when will we wake up, become conscious and radical to implement drastic measures in our land...

You see what fuels evil, is what we feed on... mental decomposition is what we are guilty of.

What do we feed our minds on? What do we listen to and subject our young ones to?

What do we foster in our homes, what do we teach our own.

The tube is becoming our voice, our teacher, our leader...

Instructions are given, directives are craftily engraved in everything we subject our minds to, like subliminal messages.

We are wooed by the beat and the tune, by the glitz and glam of fashion, swayed by the trends that are dictated to us to follow; then we ask ourselves, as if struck by lightening -

Where have we gone wrong?

We are puppets on a string and I wonder who's fooling who?

A day will come when we won't recognise ourselves, because we've lost our identity!

Would that day be too late for change?

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2009