Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A quest in life

Life is interesting...

In life there are many stages

Things happen that alter or affect one's sphere

People come and go and with every encounter,

With each meeting, something is added.

Transition takes place

Perceptions are borne...

Thoughts formed and constant change,

Characterises the becoming of oneself...

Life is a journey we endure,

We possess and we fulfil -

A course that is not always easily mapped out

Winding roads and side-walks help us along the way (guiding our path)

- to what we consider to be our destiny; our fate.

Every opportunity to learn something new

brings many questions; brings an understanding...

We are led to believe that with much knowledge comes great wisdom...

Yet such knowledge overshadows the simplistic in finding a solution -

in knowing the answer...

Are we equipped to advise or be advised?

Are we willing to hear...

Are we assured by our conviction that it is so?

Do we rely on the omniscience?

The instinctive sense; the inner calling?

If so, need there be any proof?

Shall we convince to prove ourselves?

Are we not self assured?

Then why question what is known...

Why doubt, why fear?

Indecision may lead us to a dead-end...

What do we seek after?

That which we already possess?

Confucius believed that,

Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated"

Life seen from a child's vantage point may very well be simple

Although, as contributors to life we determine the parameters of its existence

Is life counter-productive or is it seen as valuable...

Does it remain the same or does it evolve with each stage?

The life cycle of our lives...

How complex; how simple.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore

© 2010


History casts a shadow on tomorrow

As time fast forwards today

The present life has seen its future

In a twilight zone.

History has cast its shadow on tomorrow

Doused it with endless sorrow

The mimicry of a time past.

A perceived reality of existence.

This melancholic world

Tries to determine destiny

Tries to shape and create identities

Tries to influence societies...

History casts a shadow on tomorrow

Repeating yesteryear

Time spins like a rewinding clock

Seconds to minutes,

Minutes to hours

No time to rest...

Like a rat on a treadmill

The world's whip on your back

To keep you in line...

You stay steadily on track

To keep your lead

To stay ahead in the game...

The world's got you maimed

A puppet on a string

lest they cut you loose.

In a wild goose chase.

It's mind control

Do as you're told or else.

Conform or revolt?

Mental slavery and free expression

One and the same

Trapped in a mind game...

A maze of confusion.

Eat this

Read this

Say this

Believe this

Watch this

Buy this

Wear this

Do this

*Knowledge* is the key

*Education* is a must

*Success* an epiphany

to one's reality...

Democracy a myth?

History has cast its shadow on tomorrow

The furrow of eternity

The subliminal of reality

The definition of self actualisation,

Now a precious commodity.

To the conscious and not to the faint

To the righteous and not to the aberrant

Let thy eyes of discernment reveal the times

so that history won't cast its shadow on your tomorrow.

Tomorrow is not promised...

Be conscious...

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2010

When she smiles...

She smiles, she cries
She dances and prances

Seems like she's happy go lucky
Taking everything in stride
When all the while, crumbling inside.

She looks out and watches the world pass by
Day in, day out
As she watches her life unravel...

Her mystery, her history
Seems to be hidden away
from the untrained eye...

If only you could glimpse inside,
Catch a smile or gaze into her soul
Through her eyes

Maybe then you'd see her solitary confinement
Maybe then you'd see her for her.

For the first time you'd see her,
Share her story, see her unshed tears buried within her.

You don't know her inner struggles
You'd never see her pain but
You'd see her geity, her regal and poise...

You'd watch her and think: She's got it made...
Maybe you wish to trade places with her,

You'll never know

All you'd see is the impression of her and
like fool hardy you'd judge her accordingly
and conclude that this is she;

The girl that smiles all the time.
Just for you...

To brighten your day,
She will look at you and then
She'll smile...

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2010


I long to remember you in the rustling of the wind

Between the leaves of the trees.

In the crack of branches, with every step of my feet...

In the calmness of nature;

The chirping of birds echoing through the mountains...

The stillness of the earth welcomes you beside the quiet stream and river banks -

Water flows

The harmony that engulfs my being, as I become one with you...

I long to remember...

Nestled in bamboo concaving like an arch.

The sun peeking through;

its ray of light shining - smiling at me.

The clouds seamless movement in the clear blue sky,

brings peace, brings clarity.

To remember that one moment when we were lost to the world

In our own worlds, separated from everything that is and

welcomed to all things wished for and was...

I long to remember you in the song of the earth,

In the humming of birds and the buzzing of bees

In the existence of life itself, seen through eyes of simplicity.

I long to remember the stones;

the rushing of water over my skin - baptising me in its love -

Reminding me of all that is good and is still good.

I long to remember the silence of the day and the beauty thereof;

Encapsulating; invigorating

An awakening to a new day...

The answering of prayers and the will granted.

I long to remember you because,

As the leaf glides over the crystal clear waters

As nature serenades God above,

As love transcends on a journey,

Remembrance is granted to one

For life personified,

For love magnified,

For peace exemplified,

I remember with effortless ease;

Every detail, every moment, every opportunity;

Everything that is now...

I remember, I remember

Today as it is, as it was...

I long to remember you, in the present, in the now

For time is illusive; it creeps away in the blink of an eye,

but steadfast love never ceases...

I am free...

I escape in my silent retreat.

Complete in thought

Refreshed like the soaking of clothes,

Drenched from a shower of rain...

I experience freedom -

The oneness of all the elements that make me whole.

The sweet fragrance in the atmosphere

Fills my nostrils, as I inhale hungrily -

The luxury of fresh air

Life is renewed.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2010
16.05.2010 @ 11:35a.m.