Monday, December 13, 2010

Bleeding Registered & Protected

I wish to purge myself 

Rid myself of all the waste and unwanted matter.

I do not want the heavy load, the baggage, the rubbish...

Cause it is what it is...

Fears fear me and not the other way around...

Call me crazy, call me insane

Take this pain and rip its heart out... 

There'll be no life left for it to live.

Hurt has no place in my life - not anymore...

Yet, right now I am bleeding...

Bleeding these words from my soul

Blotting out everything meaningless...

These red splotches have purpose -

Each drop of blood won't go unnoticed.

I'm planting this seed...

Deep in the recesses of your mind...

To the conscious and to those unconscious - I will shake you!

Give you a rude awakening... 

Too much sleeping leaves you sluggish and unprepared...

I want to attack the sick and rid the disease that plagues your mind.

I will move like a swam of antibodies fighting to sustain a life form...

White blood cells that you are

A new breed must germinate -

Must emanate from within - 

Something greater must emerge 

Than what is and what was -

We need to harvest a healthy produce:

Conscious minded

Critical thinkers

Leaders and Revolutionists


and not CLONES for people.

I am BLEEDING for souls

The ultimate sacrifice I must give that I could win a few...

Win you and convert many for the WAR - 

Cause if you have not noticed or realised -

We are in crisis - a desperate situation - making us instable...

Cutting us at our feet that we might not stand,

Bruising our headS! 

How can we think straight if our brain is out of whack?

Too many fools striving for Independence instead of Interdependence -

cause we need one another... we are a chain link.

If one link is weak, it weakens the whole...

Is it for lack of want that we compete and fight one another for the top spot?

The blind is surely leading the blind and I am irate because

for so much intelligence, it seems to be that we have lost our way:

Each one wants his or her own turf or piece of the pie...

Like the prodigal son, I want my inheritance now and 

you're yet to understand or appreciate value and what you have now -

GREED! Cause somebody told you, you had to climb that ladder!

And whatever you do or did to get there, the end  justifies the means...

Some fool said so and now we're living a rat race!

Survival of the fittest - kill or be killed!

The laws of the jungle seem to govern you and like animals

you live by the laws for lack of control.

You need to be controlled or there'll be chaos.

The word, 'harmony' does not factor in here

at some point, it fell to the wayside - lost and forgotten.

Erased from our memories...

But I'll plant a seed, deep in the recesses of your mind to germinate

Imprint it and etch it - impressing firmly on your mind...

So you'll remember:

The blood is red!

I'll blot out the profane and the insane...

These red splotches have purpose -

You MUST remember and know that when you cut me,


Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2010