Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The bells on her feet shook with each step 

The ghungroos brought life to her movements

As her hips swayed....

His hands touched the tabla, beating to the

Strum of the sitar... As the strings echoed -

His voice rose as he chanted...

The sarod chimed in with the bells on her feet...

Hands opened up in greeting

Arms extended to the sky

as the sound of the bansuri and sarangi lifted her

Streaks of light, glitter

Dances across her face - its hue shadows her ways

Plays along - mocking every movement...

The shift of her feet,

The sway of her hips,

The glide of her hands...

Sets the scene

In a trance - Music danced

The symphony of its creation

The sitar plays

The tabla beats

Ghungroo jingles

All tuned in to the hollow, yet piercing sound of

the bansuri and sarangi...

She drifts away to the echoes of the music

As winds blow the dessert sands...

Lost in her dance...

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2010


Sunday, July 4, 2010

I 'Love' You

I write this for my sisters,
for my girlfriends,
for my daughters,
for my children,
for me... for women...

I write this to my brothers,
to my sons,
to young men and potential fathers -
I write this:

How can I tell you what to do,
when the world has done it for you?
Shown you, what to be and who to emulate...
They've shown you, love and how to love...

What can I tell you that you don't already know...
You know what to do and how to do it too.
Maybe, you could teach me a thing or two!

How can I say, 'That's wrong!'
When they tell you, it's all right - 'condomise'!

Nothing I say is new; you've heard it all before...
Yet you believe them when they deceive you -
With their words and impressionable charm -

They won't harm you...

They've got charisma, they've got spunk -
They can strike a smile to make you weak in the knees

Their words bring music to your ears...
You see - "I love you, baby - I really do.
Don't you love me too?"

What can I say to you to make you understand
That love is more than words,
More than a touch, a kiss or two...

How can I make you see that experience need not
get in the way of caution and that it's not always the best teacher.

If you don't hear, you'll feel...
You don't need to get burnt to learn -
For it may be too late to 'out the fire'!

There are those who may carry you along for the ride
There are those who may leave you
There are those who may hurt you...


There are those who will guide you
There are those who may shield you
There are those who will train you...

Life is a lesson we need to learn well

What more can I say, but take heed -

These are my words of wisdom -

Prevention is surely better than any cure!

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2010