Monday, August 15, 2011


It's the dawning and for many, the dawning will elude them.

Wondering what has struck them and shocked them into this state of awareness... 

It's the dawning... 

When you'd reach the point of no return, stare a man in the eye and scare him to retreat

When friends become foes and trust turns to deceit, in an effort to compete...

and all skin teeth and grin would turn to frown, cause this aint nothing to smile about.

It's the dawning...

One day you'll wake up and realise that you're alone in this world and that the rat race was always real and the heart of man is full of greed...

One day you'll awaken to the realisation that slavery was NEVER abolished because man's still enslaved by his mental state, or lack of mental consciousness.

And his own zeal to make it on Mazlow's heirachy of needs to self actualisation...

You will recognise that those who spout words of a revolution, of freedom and unity... those who stir your soul and moved you to dance through the rhythm of music never believed in the fight but persuaded you still to follow for the fame and glory of it all...

One day you'll watch yourself in the mirror and realise that you're a dead man, because the mob will condemn you;

The mob of your peers, friends and brothers will convict you because of the words you speak.

One day you'll recognise that to stand for something, ties must be broken for it's a lonely road...

It is the dawning of a new day, of a new era, of a new stage: Within the warzone.

At this point you will stop and look at your neighbour...

Who will defend you? Who will believe you? Who will stand with you?

The day has come when many will hate you and not know why.

Maybe one day the world will stop and the horror will confront them:

Someone has played a sick joke on mankind...

Man's worst fear would be his own suicide...

Until the last line is written and all is revealed you will wonder until it's too late.


Es el amanecer y, para muchos, el amanecer huirá de ellos.

¿Se pregunta qué les ha golpeado y sorprendido que en este estado de conciencia ...

Es el amanecer ...

Cuando me llegue al punto de no retorno, la mirada de un hombre a los ojos yasustar a retirarse

Cuando los amigos se los enemigos y vuelve a confiar en el engaño, en un esfuerzo por competir ...

y toda la piel los dientes y la sonrisa a su vez de fruncir el ceño, porque esto noes nada para sonreír.

Es el amanecer ...

Un día vas a despertar y darse cuenta de que estás solo en este mundo y quela carrera de ratas siempre fue real y que el corazón del hombre está lleno decodicia ...

Un día te despierte a la conciencia de que la esclavitud nunca fue abolida, porque el hombre sigue siendo esclavo de su estado mental, o la falta deconciencia mental.

y de alta

Usted reconoce que aquellos que declaman palabras de una revolución, de la libertad y la unidad ... aquellos que agitar al alma y que a la danza a través del ritmo de la música no creía en la lucha, pero convencido de que todavía a seguir para la fama y la gloria de todo eso ...

Un día te vas a ver en el espejo y darse cuenta de que eres un hombre muerto a causa de la mafia se te condeno;

La multitud de tus compañeros, amigos y hermanos le condena por las palabras que usted habla.

Un día te reconocen que para representar algo, hay que romper los lazos ya que es un camino solitario ...

Es el amanecer de un nuevo día, de una nueva era, de una nueva etapa: Dentro de la zona de guerra.

En este punto se detiene y mira a tu vecino ...

¿Quién va a defender? ¿Quién va a creer? ¿Quién va con vosotros?

Ha llegado el día en que muchos le odian y no sabes por qué

Tal vez algún día el mundo se detendrá y el horror les manifestará:

Alguien ha jugado una broma de mal en la humanidad ...

Peor temor del hombre sería su propio suicidio ...

Hasta la última línea está escrito y todo se revela usted se preguntará hastaque sea demasiado tarde.


Written by: Rachael N. Collymore

© 2011 Registered & Protected

It was spoken as it was written...

These are the symptoms of a restless and Babylonian state

These are the words that scream in your ear

These are the eyes that burn into yours... eyes of fear, 

Eyes that stare into the distance...

These are the voices you hear in your head
Over and Over and Over again...

These are the lines... 

The writings on the wall of time - 

Lines of repetition.

These are the pictures you see in your dreams

Nightmares... Flashing images that haunt your sleep.

These are the dry bones that remain...

Cobeaus lurk, vultures...

These are the symptoms... 

Battered and bruised...

Scarred and abused.

Bloodshed and envy

Wars for no cause

Wars of sorrow

Wars never-ending

Starving babies, 


Refugees and Politicians

Gunshots and bulletshells

Headlines: Woman gone missing

Child gone missing

Buggered, molested, tortured.

Unexplained deaths

Negligent doctors

Irresponsible parents

Irresponsible media owners

Irresponsible citizens

This is the newscast today

This is your forecast

This is you on the front page

This is your friend 6ft under

These are your fruitless tears 

These are your hands stained with blood.

These are your words of pain, of regret, of shame.

These are your lies that confront you.

These are your seeds, sown...

These are your fields, go reap!

This is your guilty conscience 
daring you to pull the trigger 

Figure it out... 

This is your contract 

Sign on the dotted line

Sign the release.

There's a price on your head.

Don't pray now 

Don't beg for mercy

This is your verdict.

This is your judgement.

The sentence is read and it's death!

The grave is waiting to consume your soul.

These are the forbidden words, spoken.

No remorse granted...

This is your conscience speaking - echoing

For all the lives lost,

For all the stolen souls,

For all the murdered innocence.

Here's your retribution...

This one is for you.

"When the world says peace, it's time for war!"

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore

©2011 Registered & Protected

a Poet DIES! [A rant]


I'm inspired and moved to write this: I never knew you but I feel for you and for the ones left behind.

In the recesses of his being, echoed the power of his words -

of the word that formed and became life - a being that emerged from within his soul...

A man, not just an ordinary man but - a POET!

Blowing across distant plains - words became...

Transforming every life touched - like electricity -

Shockwaves of high voltage coursed through veins and marrow;

A voice that couldn't be shut; a word that couldn't be contained...

But the POET has died!

They say don't shoot the messenger, but everyone shoots the messenger -

Who brings his words; truth for you to see - He reveals.

The poet has died this day by the hands of those who wished to silence his tongue.

But his words float through every air pocket and dust particle,

In every raindrop, every tear - in every spatter of blood...

Like a flood... His words bring the downpour!

Crying out - MURDER!

Shouting out - MURDER!

Screaming out - MURDER!

These must be the last days...


Man down and it's a POET!

and as his blood spills and crawls 

His words spread like a virus, like a cancer taking over the whole.



For his WORDS live on...

To be told,

To be spoken,

To be known, 

To heal and to reveal...

No longer a captive -

The poet has been freed from captivity...

and I write...

For the poet,

For the griots of our day and the messengers, slain.

and I write...

For those whose spoken word is a reflection of who they are.

and I write...

For the unsong heroes

For the underground, who rise to see the dawn of a new day.

and I write...

Knowing that this isn't the first, nor is it the last.

and I write...

For those waiting to be heard and for those who speak regardless of an audience.

and I write...

For those who discern and those who refuse to be bought.

and I write...

For those who stand, even if it means standing alone.

and I write...

For today I must do what I must.

and I write...

Because this isn't the end.

... It is the beginning.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2011

~I never knew you but you will be remembered... RIP Will Bell~ Registered & Protected


Bear with me a bit...

Cause I just want to flow free 

Steer straight into verses 

Swerve away from any form...

Let me lay it out all there...

...without any particular structure

Don't want to hear a lecture right now;

Stand clear...

Just bear with me for a moment 

I'm sure you won't be disappointed and

by the time I'm finished - I bet you'll smile - fully satisfied...

You see, I can identify with any style

It'll be worth your while to see,

If only - if only - you'd let me be.

Let me: 

Play with your mind for a while

Open your eyes to reveal my design

Every part to fit like it was made  just for you

Try it - you might like it... Wear it - feel it

Reveal your inner flare 

You'll be the envy of every stare...

... SO 

Just bear with me for a little

Be sure to pay attention

For you need to make an informed decision - 

I promise, it won't be brittle

I just want to twiddle

Do my own version

I'll try my best to resist temptation -

To stray from this riddle

It's hard sometimes to stay on course

When you're motivated to just drive...

Heart pumping - proves you're alive

Vibrations course through the wavelength of your being

A rush - stronger than any force

Makes you wonder if you're dreaming...

So please bear with me for a minute - 

Cause I need to breathe

Exhale and release these words from within -

Relax: Take it all in!

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore

© 2011

~Hope you paid attention~ Registered & Protected

Empower me

Empower me

Empower me with words; 

With your word I was conceived.

With your word I have been redeemed.

Empower me with your grace

For in your word, I do believe

For you have strengthened me...

For you have empowered me to run this race.

So I live. So I can live. 

You who have emancipated me from the captivity of my mind

You who I can't deny - I cannot live a lie

For I know the I am that I am.

So do your will...

Empower this vessel; 

Energise every nucleus, every RNA molecule, every membrane...

Revitalise the cerebellum, the medulla oblongata and the cerebral hemispheres

Stimulate the retina, the fovea and the macula

Electrify every neuron to respond.

Have your way...

For I am liberated to serve your Kingdom

Empowered and equipped to function

Protected to fulfil your mission

In fortitude, in wisdom, in strength...

To accomplish through faith - that I am assured.

For your inheritance is my greatest reward...

For outside of you, I'm mere vapour 

and in your presence, a sweet smelling savour.

 No idle word shall pass

Not even death will last; dry bones shall live to testify

and I, your witness shall glorify!

There is none other than Christ...

For in Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

I - this vessel, this being - am ready to serve, as I am empowered, daily... 

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore


© 2011 Registered & Protected

Vantage Point

Here I am in the place where music notes,
canvas, paint and its brush and words, yes words
- exude power, a wave of emotion, sensations - incomprehensible

Beyond this natural plain, I sit in the midst of you...
You in the midst of me, where seeing is real...

Beyond existence of any constrain - 

A realisation of sight beyond eyes itself
A voice superceding sound...
Words are here. Words are there.

The elevation of the mind is transported...
No longer contained in the phsyical frame of the brain...
Thought is free to roam in distant places.

In distant places... 

Am I in the now or in the present that is future...
The future of now?

Here I stand. I stand to look...
See form and shape contort and distort -
Lines bear meaning and colour brings healing

Can you see outside of you?

Can you escape the walls of your flesh and awaken

Wake yourself to consciousness...

To be conscious of... 

There is something more than this 
There is more to life than this...

Until you open and unlock sight...

Sight - the revealer

There is more to life...

We search for the answers,

But 'we' have the answers...

Sight is the revealer of things...

Do you choose to see?

See beyond your self,

Beyond the limitations of your rationale and

Perceptions of reality... 

Do you choose to see?

Sight - the revealer...

and I am there... and I am here...

Can you hear this?

Can you compute?

Words are here. Words are there.

Transformation and formation...

Here am I in the place where music notes,
canvas, paint and its brush and words, yes words...
- exude power, a wave of emotion, sensations - incomprehensible




... and sight is the revealer.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore

© 2011 Registered & Protected

Ah Trini Wine...

Dey say ah Trini could wine

It ingrain in dem

In dey veins and in dey waistline...

When dey waist twist so and dey dip down low

You'd think it's de oil in de coil that have dem so

Cause dey flex and stretch like elastic and

Den dey bumper does roll like suga dumpling

and when di tempo raise and di beat start to fasten di pace

Dey waist does get rude and outta line, rotating like a merry go round

and it goes round n round n round...

and dey does wine wine wine and 'tremble' it

if ah wasn't careful i'd think my eyes does play tricks

cause when dem start to wuk dey waistline so, man does cetch tail

and start to ram like bull and den dey turn dem around and start to 'pound'

and gyrate; ah swear dem sexing.

But di tourist like to see ah Trini wine and dingolay

Dey like to see dem cock up dey leg and back back

Dey like to ride on ecstasy train on Carnival Monday and Tuesday

Till di sun goes down and even den di sweetness still lingering...

So dey say ah Trini could wine

It rude rude rude but dey cyah get enough of we Trini wine -

di 'good' stuff right here... no wine, no rum.

It ingrain in dem, in dey veins and dey waistline...

And when di music start to play and di spirit take over

dey does get on 'wassy' and Wotless!

What I can't understand is why 'ah Trini' is only good for dey wine,

dey women and di lime - is as if everything else was shipped via FedEx!

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2011


Lost in the rain...

Its showers pour over my soul

Cloaking my heart with healing waters...

Comfort me - that's your role today.

In this moment, all I hear is you...

Play your music, as the earth drinks your substance

Sustain me... Your constant flow caresses me 


Every drop, wash me... 

Purify this vessel

Nurture me, like the trees... cradle me in the wind

Flow continually; calm the tremor within my soul.

Set me free...

Watch me...

See me dance...

Carefree, joyful, free...

That's the effect you have...

My heart beats to your tune...

I'm awakened to your sound...

Nature's song...

Awakened to dream again...


Don't let this end 

Don't go so soon

You've revived me 

You've renewed me


Heaven sent

Blessing from above...






Written by: Rachael N. Collymore

© 2011 Registered & Protected