Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coloured Girls... Registered & Protected

I saw Tyler Perry's, "For Colored Girls" and it shook me.

Overwhelmed by grief - A sad reality of the 'sisters' and of those who loved and lost.

I can't divorce myself from this imminent pain.

I can't separate me from 'she', from he who defiled her.

Pent up rage...

Mixed emotions bottled within me.

Uncontrollable emotions; anger, hurt, pain, anguish, shame...

"How could he?" No no no...

How could we? How could we?

Day by day, we turn a blind eye to the daunting reality of a society gone bad.

In need of a cleansing from within, to purge the horror that pervades the day, the night -

The streets, the homes... the colour, red.

Ashen. Stained by death that lurked and knocked on each broken door.

Battered and bruised. Unseen scars on a trampled heart and a dying soul.

There IS a "missing generation"!

I saw a mirror image of today; a reflection that rocked my core.

For Colored Girls...  

and we wonder why.

and we wonder why.

We've walked on graves for too long.

Pain rules us; pumps the adrenaline in our brain to keep us moving.

- I could take it... My back is broad

... or so you think!

These delicate limbs of mine,

these hips and thighs...

My bossom pillows your child... The one you denied - was yours!

Blessed womb of mine...

Cursed seed of those who can't tend to their own. 

... and we wonder why. 

How dare you! This flesh and blood is worth nothing to you...

but you use it and abuse it.

taking all my stuff!!! 

Robbing me... Cha!

Thought you took it all away and left me empty.

but these dry bones live.

these dry bones live.

My love's too...

You can't take that away.

Don't close your eyes. I want you to see.

Sorry does me no good.
Sorry does me no good...

but I got life.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2010

When love is not love Registered & Protected

Love goes cold... eventually

When love was not love

So it seems to be - momentarily

When love is not love

The feelings die and fall into a casket

Love stares blindly...

Beyond eyes that were romantic

Downwards where the grave was buried.

Blood drains from a face that blushed

At the sight of you - now pale

A heart shattered and crushed

Whatever this was, it failed

Non-existent, all memories erased...

This was simply a childish phase.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2010

Disclaimer: Just felt like writing and flowed with it...

Silent observer Registered & Protected

It is very easy to love you...

A silent observer; inquisitive eyes trail you -

Tracing your footsteps - the pathway upon which you stood...

Yes - it is very easy to love you...

Let your hands work its magic - interwoven lines - my soul will sing.

My lips will echo your sentiments, your thoughts, your passion...

It would be my elation and great satisfaction...

So many love you...

Jovial eyes and jubilant smiles - the wonder of many

Small in stature, but your pride - incomparable!

Yet you're meek; your humbleness shown.  

When you speak, words take on a whole new meaning...

Fill my head with thoughts and ideas, overflowing...

Stun me to silence; into deep meditation and I ponder.

The inconceivable - that is you - leaves me seeking

Seeking to unlock the mystery of you - of myself...

You see, this love for you is respect for you...

How else could I say this, if not for love?
This is my tribute...

May the walls whisper your name

and the wind, echo in the distance...

As your voice carries... your words will travel.

For this is why love is bestowed on you

An ode...

Embracing you - 

You inject and penetrate the heart where love is found...

~Silhouette of a man~
... your shadow lives!

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2010

The Library Corridor Registered & Protected

I sit on the outskirts - an observer

The sound of car engines, roar - then silence

A vagrant is on the pavement opposite me -

One rummages through the dustbin for something to eat - the discarded remains.

A passerby - a good Samaritan, gives one food, then to another - something to drink -

A lil small talk ensues, then off he goes. 

I look on...

There are young couples sitting on the short staircase by the library -

another at the far end.

All gaiety and youthful folly - oblivious to the world around them.

I'm waiting...

Time seems to take its time, today.

It's quiet again -

The wind blows; 

The afternoon breeze;

The day's calm - 

I'm sitting...

Cars 'pull up' to the curb, park -

Women and men, regal and splendid,

decked in all finery...

Filled with pride and exuberance, step out.

I smile to myself -

a case of being noticed; to be seen and not seen.

What attracts the eye and at the same time turns a blind eye?

Sometimes in silence - the greatest noise is heard -

Such is an epiphany...

Yet my travelling eyes continue to roam, until...

I get up, I walk away -

It's time for me to go.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2010

The Show Registered & Protected

I like the show, so show me
Like a model, I walk up and down the catwalk
Parading myself in the latest design
Waiting for the applause that is deservingly, mine.

I like the show, so show me
Show me that you're worthy of my attention
Worthy of exaltation and my deepest affection
For you are my delight and my pleasure to satisfy...

I like the show, so show me
Let me play a song for you,
Play on your mind;
Play twinkle toes with your soul

I like the show, so show me
Be my entertainer; my singer, my dancer
My clown, my fool and
I'll give you all that money can buy.

I like the show, so show me
Do everything to keep me happy
Be my baby, be my slave
I'll put you on stage

I like the show, so show me
Show me you can,
Show me you will, 
Show me. Show me.

I like the show, so show me
Lend me your ear;
Show me your devotion
Show me you care

I like the show,
but there's no place to go...

Do you like this show?

Show me.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2010