Sunday, February 4, 2018

Stay Hungry?

Mural by Joseph John Jones (1909-1963)

Belly full and still hungry
Eating for today and for tomorrow even
Who knows what will be

Bread, rice and peas and a little sugar
Essentials for basic living and some shelter
Those who pray, pray for daily bread
Those who grind, grind harder to eat

Starvation breeds hunger
The struggle is real and God is real too
for those who believe in higher

So they push and push to “make it”
for a piece of the pie and the taste of success

Champagne dreams many drink till drunk
Thirsty for the high life; who knows the price tag
But it won’t quench the desire

Fire burns
and the souls of many perish
While some soar on Cloud 9

Life is a dichotomy of two worlds:
Those who have and those who have not
The rain falls on all.

Those who believe only the strong survive
Prey on the weak
Preach money and power rules
Man elevates himself as God
while many sit in the pews, confessing sins
to men of the cloth.

A world within worlds, this life
but change remains constant
and so too, the poor and the wealthy

And if there be any absolutes
Who will stay hungry and who will be fed?

Written By: Rachael N. Collymore
©2018 Registered & Protected

Friday, January 26, 2018

Lost In Translation

Albert Gleizes' "La femme aux Phlox"

I’ve listened with keen ears to words spoken
To the tongues of many who have used the vernacular
Often times we wonder where the confusion lies in the similar
To confuse and complex the recipient.

The written word sometimes give pause

If a phrase or punctuation is misused, misplaced or misrepresented
Chaos unfolds and what was simple 
Becomes complicated. 

The language of the masses and the meaning attributed

If translated, may say so much or so little
and we become the objects of ridicule.

What must we do, what must we say

to communicate the true intent 
of the words we convey?

Shall we go back to basics 

When a “yes” was “yes”
and a “no”, “no”?

For some, this may be the only way

But for others, this may just be a game
We choose to play.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore

©2018 Registered & Protected

Thursday, December 21, 2017


It's no ordinary feeling
Inexplicable even
That kinda knot-tying,
tingling sensation-kinda feeling
No infatuation here
Simply a feeling
Like a splash of water
A touch of rain
A caress of the wind
blowing on one's face
That's what I mean

We've  all experienced it
We've all felt it
and longed for it to last

If we could bottle up these butterflies
that flutter
If we could freeze all these melting hearts and
capture all the priceless moments -
The feeling no camera can hold
That would be something

If you could visualize it
What a beautiful picture it would be

Maybe we've caught a glimpse in twinkling eyes
and never-ending smiles that warm hearts and
touch souls for days...
It's that glow, the It-Factor kinda feeling

Think about it
It's Like That.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2017 Registered & Protected


Through the shadows
in the corridors of hidden thoughts
and dreams where few find rest

Sleepless nights, many
Intoxicated by nocturnal's drug
arrests the mind to create

to touch the tip of its nib to
paperless scrolls of
ideas and dreams come to life

These musings gather
like fallen leaves
Burst free when eyelids shut
to open wide again.

Sing me a lullaby
Drift me to that happy place

Stay with me if only for a while
Stay with me...

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2017 Registered & Protected

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

In The Castle of My Skin

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

For Manchester

Time is fleeting
Last moments remembered
What we shared 
Seems so distant and forgone
Who were we then?
Screams of joy
Now screams of pain
Where were the signs
That this moment
Would be our last
Were prayers to God heard
Were souls saved                              
Was love found
In the dust and rubble
Did you hold your breath            
Did you exhale
The clock has spun 
Around and Around
Who can tell the time now
Such a fleeting thing
Who knows when?

For the fallen ones

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
23.05.2017 Registered & Protected

NB.No rights to images or copyright infringement intended (images sourced online)