Monday, January 30, 2012


So many of us are spinning; round and round on a Merry go round

The world's got us on ecstacy and we're high! Believing we could fly and touch the sky... if we could jus'...

Reach for the stars. Pursue your dreams... No! Pursue him. Pursue her.

Want to live someone else's reality... Yes? could you walk in the shoes that they wear?

Could you bear the inner soles below your feet? Does it fit?

Do you know his story or her story? Do you know the history of that man or woman you choose to envy or emulate?

But round and round you go on a Merry go round.

With fables and half truths... AND smiles for miles...

The world is oblivious to you...

So smile back! Cheers! 

It's your time to shine, you see...

Forget about we... 

Forget about building a legacy for our generation.

Forget about the journey it took to get there.

It's ME! It's ME! It's ME!

Didn't you get the memo: It's all about ME!

You see the place on top only has one spot... 

and I'll be damned if YOU get there... 


Last one there is a rotten egg...

and the stench of rotten egg lingers: Who then wants to be a rotten egg?

Rumours and more rumours... 

"Rumours they spreading... So let them talk... keep them talking!"

Who say publicity stunt?

Push one man or woman down, another will rise!

The I in I... Too much I

i am but one among many... 

In a vicious circle of crossed eye, cut eye and bad eye...

Mafia on the loose!

Devour you...

Devour de I...

For the strongman must survive!

Who is fit and equipped to realise the truth... You've been fooled...

Who knows? Delilah woos and all men drools as she draws them into her web of deceit.

Success is a great feat but remember: It's a rat race...

No room for defeat. 

So buckle up. This is going to be a long ride... [But safety first]

The world has road rage and is speeding straight ahead... 

Which side you're on?

Passenger or driver?

Are you in for the ride?

...on the highway to...???

[Flat line]

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2012 Registered & Protected

Monday, January 23, 2012

Naysayers and Backbiters

To the people who have nothing better to do with their mouths:

You may feel empowered by pulling someone down...

By stepping on some toes to get to where you want to go; 

Making snarl remarks or using some degrading words.

You may be comforted by the loudness of your voice or the commotion you stir 

and revel at the attention drawn your way. 

You may feel that the donkey is your fastest mode of transport to get you on the highway to success...

But driver - Heed the warning:

You're living in a fool's paradigm that will be to your detriment.

For a clown is a fool in costume and an empty vessel is a noisy one.

So while you spin your destructive web of deceit and confusion 

and parade yourself as someone else...

Note this:

You're no longer a master of disguise

For your camouflage is no longer hidden

and your trickery is caught!

Take a good look in the mirror and see your reflection:

Let it be your conviction, for soon shall be end of your mockery.

You've been warned!
Rachael N. Collymore
© 2012 Registered & Protected

Nature returns...

7th Jan. 2012

I awoke and listened... The birds, the rustling of leaves, flapping wings...

I awoke with a heavy heart. Thinking of the gift that graced this earth - recapturing nature in its truest form.

Remembering the last time I heard the jimbay, that repetitive beat... A voice from within the hollow sound rose. Rhythmic - such is the effect of the drum on my soul...

But it was the silence, the quietness, the focus, the dedication, the humbleness that exuded... Ja Jah.

A gem, a jewel... the world couldn't contain you.

So gracious of you to share your spirit... empowering us to stop. Listen... 

The soul was transported to a place of serenity and quiet meditation.

I welcome the silence and allow my thoughts to roam...

I thank you for your musical offerings and the legacy you've left behind

As your offspring continue the journey, I wish you farewell...

May your soul rest and drift through the breeze and bathed in the richness of the sun,

in the coolness of raindrops and in the dew of morn.

Gone too soon, but you've left an indelible impression on the hearts of many...

An unforgettable memory of a life that visited us for a while... Just for a moment.

But as the sea reclaims the land, so too does nature embraces you:

A jem, a jewel... 

Rachael N. Collymore
© 2012

A dedication to Ja Jah Oga Onilu - 06.01.2012

Dedication to Ja Jah Oga Onilu Registered & Protected

a place

27th Oct. 2011

I'll wait... 

If it means that I will be free

Free from mind's captivity

I'll speak and stand for liberty

For real unity: African, Indian, Asian

A place with one race, one face...

I'll wait...

For if only you could see beyond colour and creed

That we are one people; a family with the same blood.

Shoot me and I'll bleed red: We are one.

Our history, our journey may be different

but at the crossroad we shall meet, side by side

we will carry on and rise to fulfil our purpose and destiny.

Don't try to divide us by our differences,

Let us unite and embrace our uniqueness...

Done away with racism, war and violence.

Stop the hate, let's learn to love - love one another.

So I'll wait till  my last breath

and hope that one day we can be friends

as we build the bond of everlasting love.

Hear me as I speak, through our unifying language


Let's dance!

Rachael N. Collymore
© 2011 Registered & Protected

Broken codes

9th Oct. 2011

Tonight it rains on the earth washing all scum and mock from 
the land.

Tonight it rains.

Deception is in the air and fool's play with no fear.

Tonight it rains.

Broken are the words we spoke, the oath we took.

Broken are the promises made, the symbol we exchanged.

Who dares to break the chilling silence of the night?

Who dares to confront and reprimand the one to blame?

But who takes the blame?

If the cap fits...

Tonight it rains...

and the downpour mirrors the tears of many.

Mirrors the turmoil within.

The reflection of deeds penetrate the souls of men

compelling them to look!


Who can see the daunting reality that exists?

Who can see the quicksand below feet?

Who sees?

Who knows?

Tonight it rains... 

Flooding everything that has put up a resistance.

Sweeping away the evidence of misdeed.

Tonight it rains... 

Hail Mary and Om Shanti Om are but just a prayer

for the one who has broken these codes. 


Who shall cross the line?

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2011 Registered & Protected

Unspoken Language

3rd Oct. 2011

The melody of the unspoken language takes over 

and I can still hear its beat echoing, for its rhythm is a part of me...

Like drums beckon my soul to dance with its call,

So too do lyrics draw me in, like a lover's first kiss...

and if this song could last a lifetime, I'll sing forever;

Serenade love's chorus through whirlwinds and dessert sands...

With eyes close, musical notes float to crescendo

and the music plays on... over and over - and over.

Pores raise, as love is felt deep within... total immersion

So sing to me on a starlit night or in the dark
Ignite a spark and woo me...

Beyond the confines of touch, stimulate me...

Bless me. Wash me. Console me.

Elevate me and let me know that I am the one...
Let's just be... in this time... in this place... in this moment...
Here and now.

Dance with me. Groove with me.

and let's learn the language that only we understand... 
...all over again.

So let's be.

For I can't stop loving...

You, me...

...the music plays on and it's heavenly.

So talk to me now. 

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2011 Registered & Protected

Only the heart knows

2nd Oct. 2011

In this head space I write when thoughts float like words flow - 


When feelings and belief counteract and I'm left to debate: What if?

You see this mindscape draws into the subconscious realm; 

where reason and logic do not coincide, yet faith draws me to believe.

and I believe many things and one thing.

I ascribe to one that is true to me in my waking moments and as real to me in my dreams.

I do believe... 

'Though, the mind wars against itself when left to contemplate and I retaliate because...

I feel.

Wishing to go numb sometimes to protect this force field - my heart...

For I cannot remain mum to these things, when the heart beats to be free...

and what more can it want than to love...

For love evokes more than mere hormones. 

Releases more than just serotonin...

'Cause this love moves this being to love...

and I love because of love. 

but fear hinders, pain incinerates the core...

What's left is a gapping hole that needs to be filled. 

Who can replace what is pure?

Who can see love and know love, if love is to exist freely?

Yet the mind ponders on the 5 Ws

Who will love?

What will it bring?

When shall it return?

Where has it gone to?

Why can't love just be love?

and the answer remains a mystery (...for the whole needs to be sustained)

...maybe when love is true

it shall find you, where the heart resides.

Thoughts are endless, so I write to disperse these words to roam.

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2011 Registered & Protected

Just Because

My travelling mind wandered on Sunday (18/09/11) and I wrote this:

We get so tied up with words sometimes to define things, to define feelings...

My mind in its own perplexation, wonders.

How can I say, I just love you and in that line, 'just' is the greatest word.

So how can I because that's just it: I just do and it's just a state of being 
and not a reason to be redundant. 

So I'll be blunt:

In this extisence, in this space where we feel and breathe...

and I'm here to exist... to love

This love is not out of a need to feel or to compliment my profile or characteristic,
but its that intrinsic quality where you and me can find commonality and humility 

- just by loving and enjoying, us. 

So just because... Today I say I love...
and in order to do so, there must be you.

Written by: Rachael N.Collymore
© 2011 Registered & Protected