Thursday, January 8, 2015

Family Matters

We try to dance between the lines
Confined by parallels 
While our mind attempts to roam
Freely expressing thoughts 
That words dare not say

We weave through the lines
Colouring and shading 
the space within
Elusive; not to upset the status quo
Of what perfect be

We exist within the lines 
Defined by one's definition of
What we must be 
Who we must be and
How we must live 
Yet, the full measure of our existence
Remains undefined...

We who walk in straight lines
Never turn to see the curve 
Beyond never-ending sentences
That run-off the lines to infinity
Where colours cross over the boundary
To create its own artistry 

We, deceived by blurred lines
Seen through visions askew
With proclamations of divine manifestation
Have silenced our own tongues
In the name of...

We never question these lines
Which have imprisoned thought and reason
Giving room to heresy.
We've lost our way 
and the knowledge of our inheritance has been tainted

For inherent in all of us is our moral compass
Our sixth sense, our conscience...
The voice within, dare I say the likeness of God in us
That intuitive truth of who we really are...

No one can give assent 
except for the creator of this being
Therefore,we who have lived within shadows of others' truth
Must break the line and forge ahead 
Unrestricted and unafraid;
Reclaim our identity

For the line was never the beginning or the end
It was written so that we may exceed it

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Written by: Rachael N. Collymore