Tuesday, March 13, 2012



Spoken words that became reality

Fell gently on white pages, all in a row -

to record its history, foretold. 

Bit by bit, by virtue of one's imagination

Visions were seen, dreams revealed...

What is to be, will be and by words uttered - They were.

Its power, incomprehensible and by its very breath -

Words became alive and the echoing of a voice transcended beyond 

the barriers of time... 

For it was only a matter of time... 

Only time could reveal the evidence of these sentiments expressed.

So eloquently, so confidently... yet, so softly...

Like a whisper.

The winds alone knew its mystery

Caught its secret... spreading vicariously

Near and far... 

Cliched but true

The power of words...

Transcribed time again

Re-wrote history, for history is always repeated.

And like old fables, the letter is never conceited. 

Or maybe, it is.

One's existence in this life thrives on a word...

'To be or not to be...' 

That's the question

...one's sole conviction


- to bring into being -

Say the word...

For this is the manifestation...

...of words!

Written by: Rachael N. Collymore
© 2012

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