Thursday, March 16, 2017



I saw her dancing
And like a smooth roller skater
He slid across to meet her in one swift move
To embrace her

And with each drop, notes splashed
Toes began to twitch and shoes began to click

As hips swayed to a beat that began to take form
A song, only they knew too well
Here it comes…
Spellbound to the music that evokes all emotions
The rhythm is in the dancing: Swoosh!
Here it comes…

[Randy Crawford croons, ‘Purple Rain’]
And she smiles as drops turn to showers
Her neck arches back in greeting, in surrender
Effortlessly, he spins her as the music takes over
Drawn to the vibration… a need…

To become fluid, to become one 
One note
One song
One dance
Written by: Rachael N. Collymore


- Circle of Poets' challenge: An ekphrastic poem - Registered & Protected

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